WordPress Plugin: Unblock CSS & JS for Googlebot

Unblock CSS & JS for Google­bot plu­g­in allows Google­bot to access the JavaScript and CSS files.

Google peri­od­i­cal­ly sends to web­mas­ters warn­ings that their JavaScript .js files and their CSS stylesheets are blocked — even when the web­mas­ters have nev­er explic­it­ly done so. In fact, it is esti­mat­ed that 85% of all users of Google web­mas­ter tools have received such a warn­ing.

Unblock CSS & JS for Google­bot solves this prob­lem for you — and no con­fig­u­ra­tion is need­ed. Just install and acti­vate the plu­g­in.

How does it work? It just adds in three lines to your robots.txt file to ensure the Google spi­der can get through.

You don’t want it any­more? Just unin­stall and the added lines will be removed.

The instal­la­tion and use is very straight­for­ward. You should:

1. Upload the fold­er ‘allow-google­bot‘ to the ‘/wp-con­tent/­plu­g­in­s/‘ direc­to­ry
2. Acti­vate the plu­g­in through the ‘Plu­g­ins’ menu in Word­Press

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