WordPress Plugin: Remove Feed Links

Remove Feed Links is a sim­ple plu­g­in for remov­ing feed links from the head of your web site.

Word­Press always includes links to the RSS and ATOM feeds by default — but some­times, you just don’t want them.

Maybe your site does­n’t have a feed, such as a sta­t­ic brochure site.
Maybe you don’t want peo­ple using RSS or ATOM to fol­low the site on a read­er, but instead you want them to come direct­ly to the site.
Or maybe you just want to remove every extra char­ac­ter in the code for speed rea­sons.

For us, it was all three of the above! But we could­n’t find a good solu­tion, oth­er than going in and edit­ing direct­ly the tem­plates — which we try to avoid.

The solu­tion? We built the “Remove Feed Links” plu­g­in which does pre­cise­ly what you expect: it removes the links, in the HTML the user sees, to the RSS and ATOM feeds that Word­Press includes by default.

The plu­g­in Remove Feed Links does that by remov­ing post, com­ments, and/or extra (cat­e­go­ry, tags, author) feeds from the head of your site.

The instal­la­tion and use is very straight­for­ward. You should:

1. Upload the fold­er ‘remove-feed-links‘ to the ‘/wp-con­tent/­plu­g­in­s/‘ direc­to­ry
2. Acti­vate the plu­g­in through the ‘Plu­g­ins’ menu in Word­Press

As of ver­sion 1.0, you can choose between 3 options which feed links do you want to remove. You can remove:
1. Com­ments feed links;
2. Posts feed links;
3. Extra Feed links: cat­e­go­ry, tag, search page, author page feed.

If you have any sug­ges­tions, please let us know! You can con­tact us via http://wpsos.io/.