WordPress Premium Plugin: Keyword Counter & Density Calculator

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The Key­word Counter & Den­si­ty Cal­cu­la­tor plu­g­in cal­cu­lates how many times each key­word is used in a in a post or a page. When you write or edit a post/page, you can see a handy list of the key­words you’ve used — list­ed in order, start­ing with the words you use most com­mon­ly.

Why use Keyword Counter & Density Calculator?

If you’re writ­ing an arti­cle, one impor­tant fac­tor to keep in mind is, what are the key­words you’re using? How often do you use them? This is essen­tial for SEO (search engine opti­miza­tion) rea­sons. You want to use your key­words a bunch, but not too much.

But when you write, you’re often faced with the prob­lem: how many times did I use this key­word, or that one? Usu­al­ly, there’s a man­u­al process: control‑F (or command‑F for Mac lovers!) to find and count the num­ber of times you used it, look up the total num­ber of words, do some divi­sion — and this gets frus­trat­ing before you even start.

The solution

But look no fur­ther! The Key­word Counter & Den­si­ty Cal­cu­la­tor is here to help.

Here is how it works. Once installed and acti­vat­ed, when you write a post or a page, above the text edit­ing box, there is a new but­ton called “Count Key­words”. Click it, and a chart will come up. For all key­words, it lists their fre­quen­cy, so you can see how many times you’ve used it. It also lists their den­si­ty — both, as com­pared to the total # of words you wrote, and also as com­pared to the total num­ber of non-small words you wrote (exclud­ing words like “in”, “of”, and “but”, for exam­ple). You also get a red/yellow/green alert as to how on tar­get the den­si­ty is, so you know what you need to improve.

The Cream on the Cake: The Advanced Features

The best part, how­ev­er, are all the advanced set­tings and fea­tures — this is where the pow­er is real­ly unlocked. Our advanced fea­tures include:

* One of our two favorite fea­tures is: you can con­fig­ure key­words that are more than one word! Lets say, one of your most impor­tant key­words is the phrase, “Word­Press secu­ri­ty” — by default, that would be treat­ed as two sep­a­rate words. But you could con­fig­ure it to treat them as one phrase.

* Our oth­er favorite fea­ture is: option­al stem­ming. If you want it to treat “walk”, “walks”, “walk­ing”, “walk’s”, etc, as one word — then just turn on the stem­ming option! Note that this fea­ture pre­dicts the root based on the con­ju­ga­tion, so you might some­times get guess­es that aren’t exact­ly on mark; but it’s usu­al­ly on tar­get, and per­fect for our SEO pur­pos­es.

* You can turn on/off whether you want the count to include the small words or not.

* You can also add in words to exclude, as well.

* You can lim­it the # of key­words to review — in case it’s a huge doc­u­ment that’s using up lots of mem­o­ry!

* You can edit the list of default “small” words that are exclud­ed, in case you want to remove any, or add some more.

Say hi!

But not only is the plu­g­in great — but we’re very ded­i­cat­ed to our users. We’re friend­ly and sup­port­ive — and we love help­ing every­one out. Email us any ques­tions, or see our sup­port page at: http://www.wpsos.io/plugin-support/.

Get Key­word Counter & Den­si­ty Cal­cu­la­tor pre­mi­um ver­sion from HERE!