WordPress Premium Plugin: .htaccess Site Access Control

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.htaccess Site Access Control plugin allows you to password protect your site: WP login page, admin pages, and/or the whole site. The plugin adds in this functionality on top of WordPress, using the .htaccess password protection functionality.

As of version 1.0, the options of the free plugin include:
1. Enabling/disabling the password protection to wp-login.php, WordPress admin pages. Note that you’ll be asked to re-type the .htaccess username/password you created before enabling any of the settings — to ensure that you wouldn’t enable the password protection without even knowing the password yourself!
2. Modifying the existing users: you can change any .htaccess user’s password and remove the users.
3. Adding one .htaccess user.

With premium plugin, you can also:
1. Create/modify an unlimited number of .htaccess users;
2. Protect your whole site, making it accessible to only those who have the .htaccess user.

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Using the password protection will give you extra security layer of protection from brute force hacking attacks. Additionally, it’s also an easy way to password protect your entire site, without needing to create separate WordPress users for each visitor.

When you enable the password protection, the user won’t be able to see anything — not even see the protected page — until he/she inserts the username/password. You can password protect the whole website, including the administrator pages; you can password protect the administrator pages; or you can password protect the WordPress login page.

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