WordPress Emergency Support — Here We Are!

If you need WordPress tech support in an emergency, if a crises arises and you need your WordPress fixed as soon as you can snap your fingers — here we are!

Well, slightly longer than “snapping your fingers” — but not much.

We pride ourselves not only on our high quality (plus reasonable cost) but, above all, our speed. We’re obsessed. Middle of the night? There. The wee hours before sunrise? We’re there. Some crazy timezone on the other side of the world you’re in? We’re doubly there.

Of course, we can’t promise 247 solutions because we’re brutally honest: sometimes, we just can’t solve the problem that quickly. Sometimes, uninstalling this, re-installing that, changing this whole other thing around, just takes time.

Time, and a lot of coffee!

Here’s one tip. Call us any time — but if we don’t answer, it doesn’t mean we’re sleeping. We’re likely focused and it’s 3am here and Miina’s trying to solve this problem, Jesmin another problem, Kristi a third problem — and so we don’t even have the virtual phone turned on! Just leave a message or send us an email. When we come up to breathe soon, we’ll call you back or send you a note.

There’s an obvious question: “don’t you ever sleep?”.

Well, glad you asked! A few things. First, we drink a lot of coffee. Secondly, we do sneak in naps. Third — more seriously (although the coffee point was indeed serious!) — this is an advantage we have to being partially distributed. Although our home base is in Palo Alto, in Silicon Valley, few of us are based on in Tallinn, Estonia — which positions us perfectly so that, at most times, someone is likely focusing.

Conclusion: you need a WordPress fix in a pinch. Well, here we are. Just call. Or email.