Three of the Best WordPress Security Plugins Reviewed

With cyberattacks getting increasingly common, about 30,000 per day, it’s more important than ever to protect your site. You can take steps to safeguard your data without paying external services. Setting a complicated password and keeping your site up-to-date goes a long way, but the extra blanket of security provided by security plugins certainly helps and is worth shelling out a few extra dollars for premium features.

There’s a ton of WordPress security plugins, so we’ve reviewed only three of the most popular ones out there:

  1. WordFence

This plugin is free but for additional features there is a premium version. It routinely scans all your WordPress files for malware infections and notifies you if any is found. Using two factor authentication (with SMS), it stops brute force attack. WordFence gives users the option to block people from certain countries, and has a firewall to block fake traffic. The plugin claims to speed up your website 50 times faster, and can support multiple sites on the same account.

  1. iThemes Security

Formerly known as ‘Better WP Security’, iThemes is a popular choice with users. It scans your site to find vulnerabilities and fixes them as quickly as it sends you a report. It not only hides sensitive core files, but increases the password’s security level and blocks ‘bad users’. If iThemes is faced with a user with repeated login attempts, it will block and report their IP addresses. Pro users get two-factor authentication using a mobile app, password expiration, a track log of users’ actions, and a malware scan automatically every day.

  1. Sucuri Security

This plugin is a product of Sucuri Inc., a web security company focused on detecting and remediating compromised websites. Its security activity monitoring feature tracks all changes to help security experts understand how it is being compromised. Sucuri Security also Security Activity Auditing has File Integrity Monitoring, Remote Malware Scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, Effective Security Hardening, Post-Hack Security Actions, Security Notifications and a Website Firewall.