Three of the Best WordPress Security Plugins Reviewed

With cyber­at­tacks get­ting increas­ing­ly com­mon, about 30,000 per day, it’s more impor­tant than ever to pro­tect your site. You can take steps to safe­guard your data with­out pay­ing exter­nal ser­vices. Set­ting a com­pli­cat­ed pass­word and keep­ing your site up-to-date goes a long way, but the extra blan­ket of secu­ri­ty pro­vid­ed by secu­ri­ty plu­g­ins cer­tain­ly helps and is worth shelling out a few extra dol­lars for pre­mi­um fea­tures.

There’s a ton of Word­Press secu­ri­ty plu­g­ins, so we’ve reviewed only three of the most pop­u­lar ones out there:

  1. Word­Fence

This plu­g­in is free but for addi­tion­al fea­tures there is a pre­mi­um ver­sion. It rou­tine­ly scans all your Word­Press files for mal­ware infec­tions and noti­fies you if any is found. Using two fac­tor authen­ti­ca­tion (with SMS), it stops brute force attack. Word­Fence gives users the option to block peo­ple from cer­tain coun­tries, and has a fire­wall to block fake traf­fic. The plu­g­in claims to speed up your web­site 50 times faster, and can sup­port mul­ti­ple sites on the same account.

  1. iThemes Secu­ri­ty

For­mer­ly known as ‘Bet­ter WP Secu­ri­ty’, iThemes is a pop­u­lar choice with users. It scans your site to find vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties and fix­es them as quick­ly as it sends you a report. It not only hides sen­si­tive core files, but increas­es the password’s secu­ri­ty lev­el and blocks ‘bad users’. If iThemes is faced with a user with repeat­ed login attempts, it will block and report their IP address­es. Pro users get two-fac­tor authen­ti­ca­tion using a mobile app, pass­word expi­ra­tion, a track log of users’ actions, and a mal­ware scan auto­mat­i­cal­ly every day.

  1. Sucuri Secu­ri­ty

This plu­g­in is a prod­uct of Sucuri Inc., a web secu­ri­ty com­pa­ny focused on detect­ing and reme­di­at­ing com­pro­mised web­sites. Its secu­ri­ty activ­i­ty mon­i­tor­ing fea­ture tracks all changes to help secu­ri­ty experts under­stand how it is being com­pro­mised. Sucuri Secu­ri­ty also Secu­ri­ty Activ­i­ty Audit­ing has File Integri­ty Mon­i­tor­ing, Remote Mal­ware Scan­ning, Black­list Mon­i­tor­ing, Effec­tive Secu­ri­ty Hard­en­ing, Post-Hack Secu­ri­ty Actions, Secu­ri­ty Noti­fi­ca­tions and a Web­site Fire­wall.