Secure Your WordPress Site With Confidence

Sandra Shepard
WPSOS (WordPress SOS) is the REAL DEAL!

I had a pernicious virus that overtook ALL of my websites. Unfortunately, right after my webmaster discovered it, he was diagnosed with terminal liver disease. He has been handling my websites for years and years - but this virus was so terrible it literally took my websites completely off the internet!

I have been on the web for decades, and EACH and EVERY PAGE was infected. That means THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of pages. As each website I have is tied to a business, this virus took down my businesses - all of them!

I approached WPSOS with a little trepidation. I mean...what happens if they aren't who they say they are? I had found them on the internet - but what if they turned out to run my credit card and then disappear without doing what they said that they would? We are all supposed to be wary of internet vendors. But I was desperate to get these sites back up.

My contact at WPSOS, Miina, was so professional that I crossed my fingers and hoped that everything would be okay. (I might have held my breath a little, too.)

All I can say is - WOW! Dealing with WPSOS was SO MUCH BETTER than okay!

They communicated with me daily. They contacted my hosting provider, cleaned EVERY page of all 4 of my websites, wrapped them all in a security system so that it wouldn't happen again...and did this in LESS THAN A WEEK!

I am immensely grateful to WPSOS. They gave me my businesses back!

Sincerely, Sandra Shepard
Reid Simon
From the moment I submitted a service request Miina worked around the clock - including the weekend, to get two of my business sites secured and protected. Miina was speedy, thorough and flexible with managing unforeseen complications. The customer service at WPSOS has been nothing short of first class and I'm very glad I chose this firm.
Alton Duderstadt
WPSOS is fantastic. My website was hacked and taken down by the search engines. While my company works in the digital space, we do not save websites from hacks. Miina was fast, accurate, and fixed my issues over the weekend! I have been working with the WPSOS team ever since and now work with them as a partner. I highly recommend WPSOS to anyone who has had their website hacked or needs simple clean up.
Daniel Brook
When I first saw that Google was warning people not to visit my site because it had been hacked, I panicked. But there was no need to worry once I got WPSOS on the case. They fixed the problem ASAP!
Kaarel Veike
My site was hacked, I cleaned it up, but the viruses came back! WPSOS came in, did a Security Audit, and was able to pinpoint the vulnerabilities and holes, and fixed all of them.