Security Maintenance

Security Maintenance

Secur­ing Word­Press is an ongo­ing process — new secu­ri­ty holes are dis­cov­ered every week in Word­Press and in the plu­g­ins.

Our secu­ri­ty main­te­nance will keep your site secure and clean.

The ser­vice includes:

  1. dai­ly back­ups
  2. Dai­ly mal­ware scan;
  3. Secu­ri­ty updates for plu­g­ins;
  4. Secu­ri­ty updates for themes;
  5. Secu­ri­ty updates for Word­Press core;
  6. Secu­ri­ty-relat­ed rec­om­men­da­tions;
  7. Unlim­it­ed virus clean-up while under our main­te­nance (in case it should hap­pen!). The site has to be clean before we start with main­te­nance.

Includes Secur­ing WP/Hack Cleanups in case of year­ly pay­ment