Hack Cleanup

Hack Cleanup

Have hack­ers or mal­ware infect­ed your web­site? Our spe­cial­ty is clean­ing up all mal­ware and hack­er attacks on Word­Press sites.

What’s the process going to be like for you?

  1. We’ll ask you some infor­ma­tion to under­stand what hap­pened.
  2. You’ll fill in a form for us to get access to your web­site.
  3. We’ll clean up the site.
  4. We will keep you updat­ed through­out the entire process

See the spe­cial pack­age price for Hack Cleanup + Secur­ing the site

Esti­mat­ed time: 3–4 hours

Note: We strong­ly rec­om­mend secur­ing your site after a hack cleanup so that it would­n’t hap­pen again.