WP Site Restore

When you’re least prepared, your site just goes down.

Often, just mak­ing a small change can bring the whole site down — or often, you don’t even know why or what hap­pened.

We’re here to help and can restore a site from almost any­thing. If you have a strong back­up strat­e­gy in place, it makes our job eas­i­er. But if not, we can — usu­al­ly — sal­vage every­thing and rebuild your site. We are the Word­Press A‑Team, after all!

Idea-proof Backups

Offered as part of your main­te­nance ser­vice sub­scrip­tion, and as a stand­alone ser­vice, we’re obses­sive about back­ups. We make sure there’s always an up-to-date snap­shot of your entire site–content and all–on disk before any major (or even not-so-major) change.

So go ahead, play around. You have noth­ing to lose.

Safety Checks

Maybe you’ve already got a back­up on hand. Maybe you aren’t sure it’s clean. Maybe it’s got func­tion­al­i­ty you decid­ed you don’t need any­more. Maybe you’re won­der­ing if it will clash with some­thing on the web­site now. No wor­ries. We ver­i­fy each back­up before we roll back to it, even the ones we made our­selves.

Easy Reset

We don’t cut cor­ners. Each site restore is man­aged indi­vid­u­al­ly by an SOS team mem­ber with the same care and focus you’d put into it your­self. All you have to do is hand over the job to us. We make sure restor­ing your site back to its pris­tine form is as easy as click­ing a but­ton. (In this case, the big green one that reads “Call us!”)


  • Word­Press site restore from exist­ing back­up
  • Word­Press site restore with­out exist­ing back­up (pos­si­bly addi­tion­al fee: inquire!)
  • Includ­ed free in main­te­nance (for annnu­al pre­paid plans)

Period: One-time
Price: Starting from $150

Get Started

Or just give us a call: +1 (650) 600-1970