WP Site Cleanup

If your site is ruined or just broken — We’re here to help!

When there’s something strange going on with your WordPress site, who you gonna call?

The WP SOS team, that’s who! Whether it’s script kiddies or cyberterrorists, we’re the crack security team that can take them on. The more complicated your problem is, the better. We step in where others fail.

As part of our Hack Cleanup protocol, we scrub your website and server clean of any malicious code hackers might have left behind. We do this using proprietary security tools we’ve developed in-house as well the best security tools available in the market today.

No Backup, No Problem

When we say we’re going to kick those hackers out, we don’t mean we’re just going to copy-paste old files over new ones. That’s why even if you don’t have a backup of your site, or aren’t sure if it’s exploit-free, you can still turn to us for help. We specialize in digging out malicious code wherever it may be hidden on your server, recovering as much of your content as possible and preventing further data loss.

Instant Response

Your website is important. Every minute it’s down, defaced, or under someone else’s control, you’re losing money, leads, and reputation. That’s why WP SOS doesn’t make you wait: we’re available 247 so we can be there when you need us, the very instant you need us.

Great Service, Personalized

We write most of our own tools – which gives us the flexibility to work smarter, faster. But we don’t just rely on algorithms (even ones we’ve written ourselves) to do our job for us. We review each website individually to find the problem and put together a customized security plan designed to deal with and prevent such exploits in the future.

You don’t have a cookie-cutter website, so why should you settle for cookie-cutter solutions?


  • Cleaning your site from the virus
  • Included free in maintenance (for annual plans)

Period: One-time
Price: Starting from $250

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