WP Site Cleanup + Securing WP

Problem-Solving… Then Protection

This product combines two of our most popular products, often requested together: WP Site Cleanup and Securing WP.

This product is perfect when you need two separate-but-related things done together:

First, if your site was hacked and you need the hack removed at its root. We don’t only clean the site — we scrub it. We find the source and fix it, one by one. We update what needs updating, and do everything necessary so that you can sleep at night.

Secondly, after cleaning the site, we then plug all leaks — and implement our own security and monitoring processes to minimize the risk that it happens again. We plug over 400 known holes in WordPress, and set up various systems to check the site and keep it update to date so that even as it changes, your site remains secure.

And the best part? Our human eyes watch everything. You’re not paying for software that does magic while we sit on the beach. We examien every site manually, constantly, and review every part of it with our own eyes. We have magical software, improved by human intuition. That’s our secret sauce.


  • Securing your WP site
  • Includes backups
  • Includes file scans and security reports
  • Plugin configuration as necessary
  • Cleaning and securing your site
  • Included free in maintenance (for annnual prepaid plans)

Period: One-time
Price: Starting from $450

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