WP Site Cleanup + Securing WP

Problem-Solving… Then Protection

This prod­uct com­bines two of our most pop­u­lar prod­ucts, often request­ed togeth­er: WP Site Cleanup and Secur­ing WP.

This prod­uct is per­fect when you need two sep­a­rate-but-relat­ed things done togeth­er:

First, if your site was hacked and you need the hack removed at its root. We don’t only clean the site — we scrub it. We find the source and fix it, one by one. We update what needs updat­ing, and do every­thing nec­es­sary so that you can sleep at night.

Sec­ond­ly, after clean­ing the site, we then plug all leaks — and imple­ment our own secu­ri­ty and mon­i­tor­ing process­es to min­i­mize the risk that it hap­pens again. We plug over 400 known holes in Word­Press, and set up var­i­ous sys­tems to check the site and keep it update to date so that even as it changes, your site remains secure.

And the best part? Our human eyes watch every­thing. You’re not pay­ing for soft­ware that does mag­ic while we sit on the beach. We exam­ien every site man­u­al­ly, con­stant­ly, and review every part of it with our own eyes. We have mag­i­cal soft­ware, improved by human intu­ition. That’s our secret sauce.


  • Secur­ing your WP site
  • Includes back­ups
  • Includes file scans and secu­ri­ty reports
  • Plu­g­in con­fig­u­ra­tion as nec­es­sary
  • Clean­ing and secur­ing your site
  • Includ­ed free in main­te­nance (for annnu­al pre­paid plans)

Period: One-time
Price: Starting from $450

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