WP Secure Install

Professional, Secure Site Install

After you’ve spent 231 hours trying to clean up a site, and after you’ve spent 905 hours reading about online security settings (including every forum under the sun!) — at some point, you realize it’s still not working and you need to hire the A‑Team to come in and install the site securely and professionally.

Doing it right from the beginning

No, the hackers won’t leave your site unnoticed, the scripts finding vulnerabilities won’t accidentally miss your site — if your site is out there, it will be attacked. Look, we know it’s tempting to try and hope you’re be the lucky one, after all, we know a guy who won the lottery once, maybe you’ll too!

With WP Secure Install nothing will be left to chance or luck. We’ll make sure your files are protected, backups stored, server reliable, and no one unwanted accessing the site easily.

Peace of mind in the blink of an eye

The WP Secure Install is customized to your site, and comes with advice and recommendations for what next. Drop us a line and before you have finished reading another text or forum thread about how to secure your site, it will already be waiting for you.


  • Secured WordPress installation to your provided server
  • Included free in maintenance (for annual prepaid plans)

Period: One-time
Price: Starting from $250

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