Security Audit

Here’s a guessing game you don’t want to play.
Who will find the loopholes in your site security first: you or the hackers constantly scanning for vulnerable websites?

Expert Eye

Don’t get caught in the headlights. The only way to beat hackers at their own game is to be two steps ahead of them at all times. With a WP SOS security audit, you can be sure we’ve looked at each and every part of your website environment for potential vulnerabilities. Nothing escapes our razor-sharp focus and decades of combined experience.

Powerful Tools, Reliable Results

Our security audits are best-in-class. Our method utilizes top-notch security tools (a number of which are unique, developed in-house by our own team) but a tool is only as good as the person wielding it, which is why our experts scrutinize each website individually to figure out potential weakness. We don’t rely on machines to interpret findings for us and we scrutinize each website keeping the worst case scenario in mind. We never leave anything up to chance. Sometimes being a little paranoid can be a big help.

Actionable Insights

Our security recommendations are tailored to your unique security situation, and are packed with advice you can act on immediately. Clear communication is important for us and we are fluent in both Human as well as Geek so you’ll always know exactly what’s being recommended for your site and why.

Are you ready to quit playing games and get proactive about your website protection? Your move.


  • Includes audit for sites with default and premium themes, plugins
  • Ask for a quote if you use custom themes or plugins
  • Included free in maintenance (for annual prepaid plans)

Period: One-time
Price: Starting from $200

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