Security Maintenance

Why Maintain a Site?

You would think, if you launch a site, you can forget about it and you’ll be fine, right? You would think — but unfortunately, the Internet doesn’t work like that. In existing software, security holes are constantly found — and even when there are no known security holes, there are often unknown ones, and poorly configured systems, servers, and plugins that leave vulnerabilities exposed, from simple passwords to a checkbox that was forgotten to be checked. So we need to be constantly vigilant that everything is okay: someone always needs to watch the farm!

Serenity on Speed Dial

You already have a lot of things to think about. Your website shouldn’t be one of them. Let us handle that. Our subscription-based maintenance service keeps your website working like the well-oiled virtual machine it should be. That means it’s our job to know what the latest best practices are, which plugins become redundant and which ones become obsolete, what security vulnerabilities are announced and which of those vulnerabilities your particular set-up might have. And it’s your job to do that voodoo thing that you do.

Backups While You Wait

No, you don’t actually have to wait. In fact you don’t have to do anything – that’s the beauty of it. We backup religiously and update judiciously. Our paranoia is your peace of mind. You’ll always have copies of all your data on hand, stored securely away from prying eyes. And since our service isn’t tied to a web host or a plugin, we’ll travel with you even if you ever decide to migrate your site.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

No more worrying about finding a freelancer every time your website gives you trouble or, you know, to fix the stuff the last freelancer did. No more blowing up phone lines just to get somebody from your website management company. You’ll always know who to talk to – because we’ll probably be on the phone with you already, giving you the latest status update. We’re a close-knit team of people-driven professionals and we’re interested in building relationships, not just our bank accounts.

Streamline your life. Good help isn’t always that hard to find.


  • Includes backups
  • Includes security audit or hack cleanup or securing in case of yearly payment
  • Includes hack cleanup in case of having used our hack cleanup/securing service within last year
  • Mandatory to get a security audit before (except in case of yearly payment, look the above points)

Period: Monthly
Price: Starting from $40

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