Malware & Virus Cleanup: Why?

One of the most important aspects of what WPSOS does is to clean up malware, viruses, and hacked websites.

In case you’re wondering why we do this, it’s because we’re committed to our mission: to remove all WordPress malware and viruses from WordPress websites.

It is a tall order — but someone needs to do it. If not, the bad guys win.

In other words: this is more than a job or a company for us. It is a calling. Good vs evil. We are dedicating ourselves to the good guys winning.

What is so bad about malware, viruses, and hackers? A few things.

First, they put software on your server without your permission. Anything on your server should have your permission!

Secondly, almost always, these are used for nefarious purposes — such as, sending out spam.

Third, since Google among others tracks how healthy your server is, if it is doing something bad such as sending out spam, Google will punish your server. Hence the famous “This site may be hacked” warning on some search results.

Fourth, the hacks could lead to you losing information on your server.

Conclusion: for not only practical reasons, but for profoundly moral ones — it is your server so you should do what you want with it! — we are leading the fight against the bad guys.

I feel like some inspirational music should be playing in the background while you are reading this!