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Hack Cleanup

Hack Cleanup

Have hackers or malware infected your website? Our specialty is cleaning up all malware and hacker attacks on WordPress sites.

What’s the process going to be like for you?

  1. We’ll ask you some information to understand what happened.
  2. You’ll fill in a form for us to get access to your website.
  3. We’ll clean up the site.
  4. We will keep you updated throughout the entire process

See the special package price for Hack Cleanup + Securing the site

Estimated time: 3 – 4 hours

Note: We strongly recommend securing your site after a hack cleanup so that it wouldn’t happen again.

Securing WP

Securing WP

Ever remove a virus, only to have it re-appear?

After all hackers, malware and viruses are removed from your site, one problem still remains: security holes. We strongly recommend securing your site after a hack cleanup so that it wouldn’t happen again.

Our service includes:

  • Finding and fixing the vulnerabilities;
  • Protecting your site from hacks and viruses;
  • Configuring your website to follow the best security practices;
  • Security updates for plugins, themes, and WordPress core;
  • Recommendations for the future for keeping your site clean.

See the special price for Hack Cleanup + Securing
Included for free in yearly Security Maintenance

Site Restore

Site Restore

Sometimes, your site is just gone completely — just disappears. Maybe you have the infamous “white screen of death.” Maybe you get a “Redirect loop” error. For hundreds of possible reasons, the site just doesn’t load.

We’ll swoop in and figure out the problem and restore it so it loads perfectly once more!

Price: $200

Secure Install

Secure Install

Our Secure Install service includes installing WordPress and securing it right away.

WordPress default installation is very vulnerable, without taking extra measures to secure your site, it’s very likely going to get hacked sooner or later.

Securing a WordPress site from the very beginning is much easier and much cheaper considering the damage the hacks cause.

Price: $200

Security Maintenance

Security Maintenance

Securing WordPress is an ongoing process — new security holes are discovered every week in WordPress and in the plugins.

Our security maintenance will keep your site secure and clean.

The service includes:

  1. daily backups
  2. Daily malware scan;
  3. Security updates for plugins;
  4. Security updates for themes;
  5. Security updates for WordPress core;
  6. Security-related recommendations;
  7. Unlimited virus clean-up while under our maintenance (in case it should happen!). The site has to be clean before we start with maintenance.

Includes Securing WP/Hack Cleanups in case of yearly payment

Hack Cleanup + Securing

Hack Cleanup + Securing

Our two most popular WordPress services are cleaning up after hacks, and then securing the site so that it doesn’t happen again.

We have a special package in which we offer these two, together with a discount.

We strongly recommend securing your site after a hack cleanup so that it wouldn’t happen again.

This service includes the same as Securing WP and Hack Cleanup, together.

See the Pricing

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