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Hack Cleanup

Hack Cleanup

Have hack­ers or mal­ware infect­ed your web­site? Our spe­cial­ty is clean­ing up all mal­ware and hack­er attacks on Word­Press sites.

What’s the process going to be like for you?

  1. We’ll ask you some infor­ma­tion to under­stand what hap­pened.
  2. You’ll fill in a form for us to get access to your web­site.
  3. We’ll clean up the site.
  4. We will keep you updat­ed through­out the entire process

See the spe­cial pack­age price for Hack Cleanup + Secur­ing the site

Esti­mat­ed time: 3–4 hours

Note: We strong­ly rec­om­mend secur­ing your site after a hack cleanup so that it would­n’t hap­pen again.

Securing WP

Securing WP

Ever remove a virus, only to have it re-appear?

After all hack­ers, mal­ware and virus­es are removed from your site, one prob­lem still remains: secu­ri­ty holes. We strong­ly rec­om­mend secur­ing your site after a hack cleanup so that it would­n’t hap­pen again.

Our ser­vice includes:

  • Find­ing and fix­ing the vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties;
  • Pro­tect­ing your site from hacks and virus­es;
  • Con­fig­ur­ing your web­site to fol­low the best secu­ri­ty prac­tices;
  • Secu­ri­ty updates for plu­g­ins, themes, and Word­Press core;
  • Rec­om­men­da­tions for the future for keep­ing your site clean.

See the spe­cial price for Hack Cleanup + Secur­ing
Includ­ed for free in year­ly Secu­ri­ty Main­te­nance

Site Restore

Site Restore

Some­times, your site is just gone com­plete­ly — just dis­ap­pears. Maybe you have the infa­mous “white screen of death.” Maybe you get a “Redi­rect loop” error. For hun­dreds of pos­si­ble rea­sons, the site just doesn’t load.

We’ll swoop in and fig­ure out the prob­lem and restore it so it loads per­fect­ly once more!

Price: $200

Secure Install

Secure Install

Our Secure Install ser­vice includes installing Word­Press and secur­ing it right away.

Word­Press default instal­la­tion is very vul­ner­a­ble, with­out tak­ing extra mea­sures to secure your site, it’s very like­ly going to get hacked soon­er or lat­er.

Secur­ing a Word­Press site from the very begin­ning is much eas­i­er and much cheap­er con­sid­er­ing the dam­age the hacks cause.

Price: $200

Security Maintenance

Security Maintenance

Secur­ing Word­Press is an ongo­ing process — new secu­ri­ty holes are dis­cov­ered every week in Word­Press and in the plu­g­ins.

Our secu­ri­ty main­te­nance will keep your site secure and clean.

The ser­vice includes:

  1. dai­ly back­ups
  2. Dai­ly mal­ware scan;
  3. Secu­ri­ty updates for plu­g­ins;
  4. Secu­ri­ty updates for themes;
  5. Secu­ri­ty updates for Word­Press core;
  6. Secu­ri­ty-relat­ed rec­om­men­da­tions;
  7. Unlim­it­ed virus clean-up while under our main­te­nance (in case it should hap­pen!). The site has to be clean before we start with main­te­nance.

Includes Secur­ing WP/Hack Cleanups in case of year­ly pay­ment

Hack Cleanup + Securing

Hack Cleanup + Securing

Our two most pop­u­lar Word­Press ser­vices are clean­ing up after hacks, and then secur­ing the site so that it doesn’t hap­pen again.

We have a spe­cial pack­age in which we offer these two, togeth­er with a dis­count.

We strong­ly rec­om­mend secur­ing your site after a hack cleanup so that it would­n’t hap­pen again.

This ser­vice includes the same as Secur­ing WP and Hack Cleanup, togeth­er.

See the Pric­ing

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