Client Questions: Where Are Your Developers?

A common question clients and potential clients ask us is, where are your developers?

Excellent question: many people prefer working with people in a similar time-zone, or who speak the same language — or who are next door, so they can go knock on the door and have a coffee (or beat them over the head!).

Answer: the co-founders split between two offices, in Palo Alto and in Tallinn, Estonia. We’re a small team, so when we say “office”, think about 6 people sitting around at table — not the Googleplex. (Yet!). Most of our supporting development team is in Estonia.

Estonia is an interesting and unique place. The birthplace of Skype, it’s also a core European country — but it’s always been a bit on the outskirts. Their language just isn’t related to any other known language (except Finnish and Hungarian, oddly enough) — and the culture is one of Nordic, northern European professionality, seriousness, and problem-solving. 

But the best part of working with Estonians is this: their almost-native command of the English language. The education and entire culture there is, effectively, bilingual in Estonian and English. As a result, the communication is as smooth as our team is professional.

But with the other part of our team in Palo Alto, we have a strong American face as well. Half the team is American, and we understand deeply both the American culture, and the unique dynamics of the tech space and Silicon Valley.

Have any questions? Just ask — we love to talk!