Client Questions: Where Are Your Developers?

A com­mon ques­tion clients and poten­tial clients ask us is, where are your devel­op­ers?

Excel­lent ques­tion: many peo­ple pre­fer work­ing with peo­ple in a sim­i­lar time-zone, or who speak the same lan­guage — or who are next door, so they can go knock on the door and have a cof­fee (or beat them over the head!).

Answer: the co-founders split between two offices, in Palo Alto and in Tallinn, Esto­nia. We’re a small team, so when we say “office”, think about 6 peo­ple sit­ting around at table — not the Google­plex. (Yet!). Most of our sup­port­ing devel­op­ment team is in Esto­nia.

Esto­nia is an inter­est­ing and unique place. The birth­place of Skype, it’s also a core Euro­pean coun­try — but it’s always been a bit on the out­skirts. Their lan­guage just isn’t relat­ed to any oth­er known lan­guage (except Finnish and Hun­gar­i­an, odd­ly enough) — and the cul­ture is one of Nordic, north­ern Euro­pean pro­fes­sion­al­i­ty, seri­ous­ness, and prob­lem-solv­ing.

But the best part of work­ing with Esto­ni­ans is this: their almost-native com­mand of the Eng­lish lan­guage. The edu­ca­tion and entire cul­ture there is, effec­tive­ly, bilin­gual in Eston­ian and Eng­lish. As a result, the com­mu­ni­ca­tion is as smooth as our team is pro­fes­sion­al.

But with the oth­er part of our team in Palo Alto, we have a strong Amer­i­can face as well. Half the team is Amer­i­can, and we under­stand deeply both the Amer­i­can cul­ture, and the unique dynam­ics of the tech space and Sil­i­con Val­ley.

Have any ques­tions? Just ask — we love to talk!